Monday, April 6, 2009

★Jewelry Making Weekend★

I love spending a weekend making jewelry with my two girlfriends and I hope I'm going to be able to do this once a month. I assure you we made out the best of it! We had fun doing other things as well, so we went biking. A whole 90 minutes biking trip that seemed to be just about right, but I was very tired...I'm thinking if I was so tired, it must be good exercise, right?
Then, there was shopping, of course, so I took my girlfriends to one of my favorites stores here: the one for audio-video and photo cameras, where I was contemplating this Leika DeLuxe 4 that I need to buy so I can improve the quality of my jewelry pics (so window shopping for now, but I promised myself to get the camera sometimes this week).
Later in the evening, we had a great dinner together in a local pub: specific Belgian dishes and... Belgian beer.
Ok, now I am off to get all the emails sitting in my inbox unanswered and the things on TO Do list this week (a few new projects).
It's Monday, 4 p.m., and it's time to think what to cook for dinner. I love cooking. And you?:)

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