Friday, April 24, 2009

★Going Bazaar...the next handmade jewelry craft show★

Although I am not very experienced at doing craft shows, after the last one I changed my mind and decided to put more stuff on the table; actually I had more of most things, but I was trying to make the table look "clean" so I left about a third in the trunk.Also, I want to get more business cards, that people can take even if they don't buy anything.It would also probably be a good idea to have small paper bags, with handles, instead of giving people their jewelry in a pouch.
I am looking forward to the coming craft and minerals show in Antwerpen and I hope it will take place at the same location, because it was a great place for a craft fair and all the stalls had so many pretty things in them!I guess your experience depends on your expectations. I know how hard it can be to organize events, especially when you can't control every aspect of it and there are unknown factors. The mere fact that I am participating is a big success for me!

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

★I will joyfully give a Biwa pearls strand...★

I've been dancing between projects last week, unable to settle down and get something done or at least well established. Really sometimes, it is just a simple fix to get a project moving, but why on earth is it so hard to get past that frustration and just do it? Does anyone else have this problem?
On Sunday I was supposed to go out for a nice Easter dinner with my mom in Antwerpen(Anvers), but she came down sick, couldn't go and my girlfriend stepped in at the last moment and came along. Not an easy feat considering she has three kids. But she managed to come along and we had great fun!
Right now I am trying to work as many jewelry pieces as possible from my gemstones stash. Of course I couldnt resist and had to buy a strand of top drilled Biwa pearls - and yes, I know this violates the "no buy" rule, but I want to give them as a gift to my girlfriend, for being so nice to me on Sunday... See me really dancing now!:)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

★AAA Amethyst oval cut briolettes - a nice surprise for me!★

Don't buy more than you will use...:)First, I bought gemstones for specific projects I had in my mind, so I had a plan for them...but then, when browsing gems stores on the Net and seeing so many beautiful amethyst, peridot, garnet, moonstone, turquoise, labradorite etc etc rondelles, nuggets, briolettes etc etc etc I simply HAD to keep on buying! I tried to tell myself I should stop, but then I heard "voices" in the back of my head.:)After all, many people confess the same in their jewelry blogs, that they have stashed more than they could work in a lifetime!So, I'm just happy with the new AAA amethyst oval cut briolettes that arrived today! Excellent clarity and gorgeous color, how can one get bored with this? All you experienced jewelers there, what do you think?

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Monday, April 6, 2009

★Jewelry Making Weekend★

I love spending a weekend making jewelry with my two girlfriends and I hope I'm going to be able to do this once a month. I assure you we made out the best of it! We had fun doing other things as well, so we went biking. A whole 90 minutes biking trip that seemed to be just about right, but I was very tired...I'm thinking if I was so tired, it must be good exercise, right?
Then, there was shopping, of course, so I took my girlfriends to one of my favorites stores here: the one for audio-video and photo cameras, where I was contemplating this Leika DeLuxe 4 that I need to buy so I can improve the quality of my jewelry pics (so window shopping for now, but I promised myself to get the camera sometimes this week).
Later in the evening, we had a great dinner together in a local pub: specific Belgian dishes and... Belgian beer.
Ok, now I am off to get all the emails sitting in my inbox unanswered and the things on TO Do list this week (a few new projects).
It's Monday, 4 p.m., and it's time to think what to cook for dinner. I love cooking. And you?:)

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

★It's time for some color: floating AAA golden citrine briolette necklace★

aaa golden citrine briolette handmade sterling silver necklace
A new jewelry piece is getting done and it’s at these times I find the repose and peace of the process so calming, such a gift…The sky is full of color so it is a certain clue that warmer, better days are ahead. It's cozy here and it doesn't feel like winter anymore.Even the color of clouds looks different, more inviting and open with life. It's time for some color,so I have this gorgeous, superb AAA golden citrine faceted pear shape solitaire in my hands and as always I fall in love with the sparkles and clarity of a masterly cut gemstone! My Mistery Project? A very simple sterling silver necklace for this citrine briolette, which should make it look like floating on a person's neckline when worn. What do you think? :)

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

★good ideas are a numbers game ;)★

Well, here it is, the end of March and time to get some inspiration for a few new projects. Whenever I get a free moment, I enjoy doing three things....yes, you already know one of them - jewelry! The other two things I am enjoying are a nice strong cup of coffee at my girlfriend's house and while I'm there, perusing a new methalsmithing / wire jewelry making book while chatting together.
Is it normal to want to start five new projects at once? Or is that just me? I have so many of them calling and swirling in my head... besides I end up reading everyone else's blog and fail to work on my own blog or jewelry.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

★Handcrafted earrings: custom orders welcome★

I visualized the pink earrings (photo in the slide show, please) and had that picture in my mind for a while. The flat bead is amethyst and it was very smooth and slippery which made it harder for the coil around the bead to stay in place, as i wanted, so I had to quickly change the earrings to something as simple as bead, wire, bead, wire. However, I was happy to sell them right on the spot. I think next time I'll make the jump rings holding the top component smaller. I like these earrings and they look good on and I like the way they move.

So: Earrings are made with your choice of GARNET, IOLITE, MULTI-GEMSTONE, AMETHYST or PERIDOT faceted gemstones

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