Friday, December 19, 2008

★ Brightening up jewelry with CITRINE ★

Well, last week went by so fast and I learned so much... I am learning how to make a blog and how to insert all sorts of tricky html codes to make it more to my taste and appealing to those who will stumble upon and read it...Especially since I don't want to occupy my blog posts with pictures of my work, but rather post my thoughts.
I could also use some help. I would like to know how to post smaller pictures in the sidebar and then be able to click on the picture and have it enlarged...

Now, about my last piece for year 2008, a custom order: I don't know what I always seem to wait to the last minute to make my pieces. I need to make a pair of wire wrought citrine earrings and the matching pendant in sterling silver so I decided to try my hand at freeform. I visualized it as I was going to sleep the other night and put it on a piece of paper right away so I can show it to my customer. The only thing I strived for was balance, which I think I attained.
I hope it works! ★

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